International Exchanges

We organize international meetings for children aged eight and over, teenagers and young people up to the age of 26. Our focus is on German-Polish projects, which usually take place in collaboration with our partner organization Fundacja Bezlik.

The same applies to encounter projects as to general child and youth education projects: the participants deal with exciting social questions and get to know each other. Together we will design a varied program consisting of creative activities, excursions and varied exercises from non-formal learning.
Sometimes different topics are exciting for encounters than in other children’s and youth projects. The educational focus is also different, as the focus is on mutual exchange. And of course, learning together as an international group also takes on a very special dimension. With speech animation units they overcome initial communication inhibitions.

Objectives of the program area are:

  • Promote a positive approach to diversity
  • Encourage joy in exchanging ideas, views and habits with other people
  • Make you want to learn other languages and reduce language inhibitions
  • Arouse interest in political and social issues
  • Enable participation
  • Strengthening German-Polish cooperation in the education sector
  • Networking with actors from the field of international youth work

Current programs and collaborations:

  • „Zusammen kommen wir weiter – Jetzt beruflich!” (Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk)

More information: