Booster club

Our booster club “Arbeitskreis Begegnungen und Seminare(ABS)” is an association with a long history that has made an important contribution to extracurricular education for children and young people since its founding. In December 2022 it changed its statutes and is now available as booster club to provide intellectual and financial support for the educational work of HochDrei e.V. youth education center.

The goals are clearly defined: The association should promote civic engagement and actively contribute to shaping a democratic society. It is committed to social justice, intercultural understanding, diversity, ecological action and equality in our society. Its goal is to include people with disabilities and to promote understanding and a respectful approach to differences and diversity.

The booster club depends on your support. Every contribution helps to implement our educational projects and has a long-term impact. We welcome donations to our account at

IBAN: DE05 3702 0500 0003 1830 00

Birgit Weidemann / Rolf Kriete