We are an independent educational institution with a seminar house in Potsdam. The projects in the educational centre are aimed at children, youths and young adults. They are either freely advertised or take place in cooperation with schools, social work institutions or other partners.

Diversity- and gender-sensitive political education and empowerment is our most important concern. Sometimes it is about a socially relevant topic, other times we look more at ourselves: Who am I, what role does our society give me, and what role would I like to have myself? How can I express my opinion and be heard?
The participants should get to know each other’s perspectives. They are encouraged to look beyond their own horizons and to take on responsibility in different social contexts in the future.
Many of our projects take place as German-Polish encounters.

Media and creative activities, playful exercises, excursions or “expert” visits on the topic encourage the participants to engage with the content, lighten the mood and stimulate exchange among themselves. Different mother tongues are imaginatively integrated into everyday project life – not only in our German-Polish encounters. Everyone is called upon to actively participate in the programme with wishes, ideas and practical support.

HochDrei is a recognised youth welfare organisation. In addition to our practical educational work, we are active in various committees and networks, where we contribute our experience to the further development of extracurricular education and our focus on diversity and gender equality.