Girls* and Women*

Our seminars for girls* and young women* offer a special space for time together and exchange. In the projects, topics that are particularly relevant to the participants and sometimes also concern personal areas can be discussed in a protected setting. These include gender roles in society, at school or in the family, intersectional discrimination, self-determination in physical issues and much more.

After participating in a project, we enable our participants to become involved in youth work at HochDrei e.V. in the long term, to contribute their own wishes and to gradually take on more responsibility in the seminars. Otherwise, everything that is important for general child and youth education projects applies.

Objectives of the program area are:

  • Strengthening skills, imparting socio-political knowledge and promoting independent living for girls*/women*
  • Formation of solidarity networks of girls*/women*
  • Promote gender and cultural diversity in civil society structures, especially in crucial positions
  • Further development of gender-sensitive educational work through involvement in committees and collaboration with youth work institutions, schools, and municipal actors

Current programs and collaborations:

  • HochDrei e.V. is part of the „Mädchen*politisches Netzwerks“ in the state of Brandenburg. Within the network project collaborations, regular exchange meetings and joint activities take place.

More information:


Girls’ projects: Anku Religa
Women’s projects: Tanja Berger/Birgit Weidemann