Child and youth education

Children’s and youth education projects enable participants to deal with topics that interest them beyond school subjects and without the pressure of grades – voluntarily, with a lot of fun, in a relaxed atmosphere and in a team with others.

We organise holiday camps lasting several days, weekend projects or project days during the week, e.g. for school groups.
Participants can expect varied methods of non-formal learning, thematic excursions and creative workshops.
The focus is on issues such as sustainability, social interaction, diversity, justice and other topics that move us in life. The children’s and young people’s requests for topics are particularly welcome and can be implemented.

Especially in the holiday and weekend projects, we provide a programme that makes it possible to switch off from everyday school life, that clears the mind and spreads holiday cheer – because learning and fun are not a contradiction!

Objectives of the programme area are:

  • Strengthening self-competence and social skills
  • Empowerment for equal participation, assumption of responsibility and a self-determined way of life.
  • Knowledge transfer and sensitisation for social issues such as justice, sustainability, solidarity, democracy, etc.

Current programmes and collaborations:

  • Participation in the programme “Political Youth Education in the AdB” with our project ‘KörperWelten’ in the thematic area “Gender and Sexual Diversity” (2023-2028).
  • Antidiscriminiation project body identities ´Bodyclash´ (2023-2025)
  • Cooperation with schools and providers of voluntary services, transitional hostels, youth work institutions
  • INISEK – Initiative Secondary Level I

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