Diversity and civil society

With people aged 16 and over, we dedicate ourselves to the topic of diversity and civil society. It’s not just about diversity and social participation in terms of content. The participants we are targeting also bring with them a lot of different experiences, languages, thoughts and views on life.
In addition, we qualify former participants to become actors in political education in a low-threshold way.
During several model projects with the support of funding agencies and cooperation partners, we have built up a strong network and diverse access to interested groups of participants over the past few years.
Our diversity concept (Imagine all the people PDF), which was developed in this program area, also affects the other program areas of our educational institution, which makes our entire educational work a learning space for diversity.

Ziele des Programmbereichs sind:

  • Create space for voluntary, lifelong learning
  • Promoting low-threshold access to political education and diversification of political education in general
  • Empowerment and further training of people of different origins and identities in order to enable them to engage in civil society and to participate equally
  • Initiation of peer-to-peer projects: former participants implement their topics in their own projects with us
  • Strengthening tolerance, solidarity, civil courage and anti-racism
  • Networking with migrant organizations, local authorities, educational institutions such as schools, shared accommodation, interest groups for people with disabilities and people of different gender and sexual identities

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