The power of… pop culture

Seminar week in german, english and turkish language

Date: 26. October - 2. November 2024
City: Potsdam
Participation fee: 245 Euro
Participation fee includes programme, food, accomodation
Funded by: Ministerium für Bildung, Jugend und Sport, Stiftung Deutsche Jugendmarke e.V.
In charge: Anku Religa
Team: Burcu Şenel, Lioba Spörlein
For: Girls* and young women*
Age: 13-17 years
Topic: Child and Youth Education | Girls* and Young Women*

Who has more influence on you: Taylor Swift or your best friend? Our everyday lives are full of pop culture - we empathize with the characters of our favourite shows as if they were part of our circle of friends, we grew up with Harry Potter (or let's clarify if the current generation still does ;) and we follow the daily life of Billie Eilish on Instagram. Pop culture and its characters affect you and actually deliver political messages.
You might be thinking: "Really? Politics are the ladies and gentlemen in the gray suits and blouses!" But did you know, for example, that many people in the US believe that Taylor Swift could have a serious impact on the upcoming presidential election? Pretty powerful, right?
This weekend, we'll be listening, watching and discussing our way through the world of pop culture. What does it tell us about the body, self-image, women, men, gender? What does it do to us?

More information about the program will follow.

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