Middle East Today: A Weekend Seminar on Understanding Complex Political Trends


Date: 26. - 28. January 2024
Participation fee: 25€
Participation fee includes programme, food, accomodation
Partner: Anerkannter Bildungsträger der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
In charge: Tanja Berger
Team: Dr. Alphan Tuncer, Dr. Özlem Tür
For: Young people up to the age of 30; also people who have only been in Germany for a short time; with university admission or without) with sufficient language skills in German (and English for
Age: from age 18
Topic: Diversity and Civil Society

In the heart of the current tumultuous geopolitical landscape, our upcoming weekend seminar aims to shed light on the intricate web of political trends and historical underpinnings that define the region. Since 2003 five patterns have become dominant in shaping the regional order. Without understanding these developments and putting into the global scale it will be futile to grasp the fundamentals of the current quagmire and introduce new ways of politics. These patterns are:

1. The rising role of non-arab states in regional order - Iran, Turkey, Israel, Russia
2. Sectarian identity as a driver of regional division
3. Role of violent non-state actors - el-qaida, isis, hamas, Hizbullah
4. The changing strategy of the United States and its allies in the region.
5. The lack of the role of the EU.

The event serves as a vital opportunity to grasp the profound complexities of Middle East politics, particularly in the context of the on-going crises and daily catastrophes that also reverberate globally and to try to put it into a global dynamic context. Diving into the historical tapestry, it aims to explore how the region's colonial past still continues to shape its tumultuous present. From the Ottoman Empire to colonial legacies and post-colonial struggles, our expert speakers will navigate the historical context underpinning today's challenges.

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