Train Outdoor Trainers

International train the trainer (Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Norway, Spain, Armenia, Georgia)

Date: 24. May - 1. June 2024
City: Bakuriani, Georgia
Participation fee includes programme, food, accomodation
Funded by: Erasmus+
For: multipliers, educational trainers, facilitators
Age: from 18 years
Topic: Qualification

The project will be based on Adventure Education programs and provide participants with hands-on practical experience to internalize their learning. The aim of the Train Outdoor Trainer (TOT) project is to enhance the quality and relevance of youth work practices within the partner consortium by equipping participants with necessary competencies and promoting active, adventure & naturebased, learner-oriented practices in youth work.

Participants will take part in the Training Course, develop new set of skills and during the second phase they will be working in teams or individually on creating new activities/modules they can use in their work. The last part of the project will take place in Verdal, Norway, at Bakkettun Folk High School, in Autumn 2024. This PDA serves as a playground and laboratory in the context of the TOT project. Participants who undertook the training during the first PDA will bring and implement their sessions, workshops, and activities based on OAE methods with the first-year students of Bakkettun Outdoor Class. The TOT trainers team will monitor the process in coordination with the Bakkettun school representative, who leads the mentioned outdoor class and is involved in the project from the beginning, to ensure the goals and basic framework of the outdoor class are integrated into the project design. This makes sure that the learning goals of both the school curriculum and project program are coordinated, promoting quality and innovation in youth work and education.

There is no participation fee. You only have to pay a part of the travel costs by yourself. You can get a maximum of 360 € reimbursment for travel costs. 

Please contact us, if you are interested in taking part and give a short description why you would like to participate.

For more infromations see the Infopack.

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