Wonder Women

International youth exchange (Georgia, Armenia, Germany, Slovakia, Spain)

Termin: 8. - 18. Januar 2024
Ort: Rustavi / Georgia
Kosten: 100 €
Teilnahmebeitrag enthält Programm, Unterkunft, Verpflegung. Reisekosten werden bis zu einer Höhe von 360 € erstattet.
Verantwortlich: Tanja Berger
Team: Ketevan Jinoridze
Für: Interessierte junge Erwachsene mit Englischkenntnissen und Interesse am Zeichnen
Alter: 18-30 Jahre
Thema: Internationale Kinder- und Jugendbegegnung

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A call for young artists, storytellers and women rights activist.
With the use of comics and storytelling as the primary methods for the project, we aim to address several key objectives and challenges, including promoting inclusiveness and self-expression, addressing societal attitudes towards gender roles and discrimination, exploring the impact of sexist language in daily life, and promoting equality through education and activism.
10 day youth exchange program: workshops, fieldindependent work, theoretical outputs, practice, public event and lots of informal gatherings.

The activity will take place in Rustavi, Georgia at International Scout Center Rustavi. Participants will be accommodated in rooms of 2 and 3. Most of the sessions and days will be spent at the venue and the centre will provide food, bedding and informal space for free time.
The program will include few study visits to different organisations working on similar topics, where the transportation and lunchboxes will be provided for each participant. As long as the “homework” and preparation goes, participants are expected to bring any traditional or personal favourite snack and sweets for the international coffee breaks.

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