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Natural Trainers

“Not All classrooms have four walls...”
Termin: 20. bis 30. September 2019
Ort: Bakuriani, Georgien
Kosten: 30 EUR
Partner: Shokkin`Group
Finanziert durch: Erasmus+ JUGEND IN AKTION
Verantwortlich: Tanja Berger
ReferentIn: Ucha Burduli
Zielgruppe: Teamer*innen, Frachkräfte im Jugendaustausch

Natural Trainers is 9 days training course that takes place in Bakuriani/Borjom-Kharagauli
National Park, Georgia, during the period of 20th to 30th of September, 2019. The training
course brings together 28 participants from Germany, Georgia, Norway, Armenia, Ukraine,
Croatia, Netherlands and Finland.
Natural Trainers aims to improve the quality and outreach of youth work by developing
participants’ competencies in the area of facilitation of learning and training, equip them with
the tools & methods relevant for working with young people.
Participants of the training course are expected to act as multipliers and transfer the
learning back to the organizations and young people they work with. This way we ensure
the wide impact of the training course.

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